Shire Zone, Tigray Region

Support of Relief Items to Unaccompanied and Separated Refugee Children Project Endabaguna Transit Center

Since the signing of the agreement in 2014, IHS has been addressing the acute shortage of relief items that unaccompanied minors faced by providing clothes and shoes in a quarterly basis and baby soap every month and one time delivery of umbrella for girls. In 2015, following the increasing number of refugees including high number of unaccompanied and separated children, IHS is in the process of implementing emergency child protection project to support the newly arrived refugee children who stay at the transition center until their transfer to the camps is facilitated. This has been done through the provision of play and recreational materials, organizing different structured activities to engage them during their stay at the transit center (establishing temporary CFS type, out and in-door play materials) and assist ARRA and UNHCR in documentation of social history of unaccompanied minors to facilitate in camp family tracing and reunification.

  • To construct a 10/117 sq.m. of (feeding) multi-purpose hall for URMS
  • To construct a 10/15 sq.m. of living quarter for girls URMS
  • To construct shower rooms, fence and basketball court
  • To provide beds, mattresses, bed sheets, entertainment/support materials, etc.

The construction is on the verge of being completed with a delivery time line of mid December 2014.