Innovative Humanitarian Solutions
Since 2003

Meeting Needs Together

Our History


The humanitarian work of IHS began in Iraq with the establishment of a book bag factory and the distribution of book bags to school children. The IHS project in Iraq had the following objectives:

  • Help meet the educational needs of children and
  • Provide job opportunities for the people seeking jobs.

Later a container of medical equipment was sent and medical teams began working with Iraqi health care professionals to meet the needs of the people. Medicines, clinical supplies and provision of technology have greatly improved the health care being provided for the people of Iraq.

From this small beginning, IHS has expanded to embark on similar projects in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Eritrea, Morocco, Pakistan, Sudan, Thailand, Turkey and Yemen. The expansion continues wherever the need is identified and provisions can be mobilized.

IHS partners with communities, government agencies, individuals and other non-governmental organizations that desire to make a genuine difference in the lives of people. This is especially true in areas where basic human needs are not met.



Dollars Raised


What Drives Us

Our Mission

From the very beginning the goal of Innovative Humanitarian Solutions, Inc. has been to discover and meet humanitarian needs in ways that build an individual’s and a country’s personal dignity and worth. Innovative Humanitarian Solutions works through partnerships with individuals, organizations and government agencies who desire to make a genuine difference in the lives of people.


By the Dates

July 1, 2003

Innovative Humanitarian Solutions (IHS) was founded on July 1, 2003. IHS is an international non-governmental organization registered in the United States as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit entity. The vision of IHS is to discover and meet humanitarian and development needs in ways that help build an individual’s personal dignity and self-worth.

July 2013

IHS, Ethiopia is legally registered by the Ethiopian Charities Agency as a foreign charity international NGO with a registration no. 3075 as of July 2013. IHS has not only been involved in Ethiopia to support Eritrean refugees. It has also committed itself to working in different parts of the world wherever there is a need for humanitarian assistance.


July 2013

The IHS office in Addis Ababa has been registered in July 2013 as an international NGO and started its operation by supporting unaccompanied minors at May-Ayini and Adi-Harush refugee camps and Endabaguna transit center. It has been providing relief assistance and constructing basic facilities like dormitories, feeding halls and playground etc. at the transit center for the newly arriving unaccompanied minors. Very recently, IHS has started supporting 200 orphan and highly vulnerable children in terms of educational and psycho social support in marginalized woredas of Bahir Dar and Harar towns. IHS is also trying to support guardians of these children in income generating activities through training and providing matching fund.


Our Team

The headquarters of IHS is in Pearland, Texas, USA. It is led by the founder/president, vice president, a board of directors, a secretary and many volunteers. The Board of Directors is composed of successful business leaders who have a heart for the needs of people and especially for the work of IHS. They devote countless hours helping develop strategies, generating funds and overseeing the total work of IHS.


Jerry Squyres


Bekalu Getahun


Teshome Solomon Tekleab



Our Board of Directors

Bill Cashmareck

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