Registration and Transit Center

—IHS provided information for 7,905 (2833 F) new arrival children about the benefits of family based care and the disadvantage of group care through the existing emergency education, peer to peer education and structured information sharing sessions.

As a result, 2062 separated children were willing to reunify with their relatives in the camps and 520 children were also interested to join foster families.  Among these only six children were fostered  in Hitsatscamp.—

A total of 2062 children who have relatives in the camps were identified, registered and data shared to respective camps.

239 (126 F) children reunification requests from camps  were received at Endabaguna. Out of these 225(91F) children were successfully reunified with their relatives in May-Ayniand Adi-Harushcamps.

—Similarly we have received a total of 270 (57F) children reunification requests from Shimelba camp to Endabaguna and reunified with their relatives.