Shire Zone, Tigray Region

Construction of Dormitories of Girls and Feeding Hall to Unaccompanied and Separated Children Project Endabaguna Transit Center

Thus after a thorough discussion with ARRA at Shire, it was agreed that IHS should construct dormitories for URM girls and feeding hall. To mitigate the problem of dormitories that unaccompanied refugee minors are facing,IHS-Ethiopia has undertaken major construction at the Transit Center in Endabaguna (girls dormitory, shower rooms, multi-purpose hall, latrines and playground). IHS launched this construction project in 2014 with the following objectives:

  • To construct a 10/117 sq.m. of (feeding) multi-purpose hall for URMS
  • To construct a 10/15 sq.m. of living quarter for girls URMS
  • To construct shower rooms, fence and basketball court
  • To provide beds, mattresses, bed sheets, entertainment/support materials, etc.

The construction is on the verge of being completed with a delivery time line of mid December 2014.